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Bombay – Patterson Guitars


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We recently teamed up with Patterson Guitars to take the left over wood from the guitar building process and turn it into sunglasses. We took mahogany from the guitar bodies/necks and rosewood from the fingerboards and created frames made from these classic tone-woods. It’s important for us not only to be creative, but also to be environmentally responsible. Taking this left over wood and creating sunglasses from it allowed us to do both. We’re two brothers trying to make a positive impact on US manufacturing all the while making a pretty cool product.

The Bombay is constructed with an aircraft grade birch core providing exceptional strength and durability. This also helps keep the frames slim and lightweight. They come standard with stainless steel spring-hinges providing a custom fit and personalized comfort. Each pair is outfitted with polarized lenses and comes in a handmade padded pouch.

Each pair is handcrafted and finished with a customized protective varnish blend. The wood is never stained, each pair’s finish is its natural wood color. With this in mind, no two pairs are exactly alike. Each pair has its own individual characteristics.

– Frame measurements: 52-20-143
– Polarized lenses
– Stainless steel spring hinges
– Aircraft grade birch core


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